Week 8 of 52 Ancestors – Heirloom

Week 8 (19-25Feb18) prompt was ‘Heirloom’

I was struggling a bit with Week 8’s prompt of Heirloom.  Besides having a Maffra brick made by my 3xgreat grandfather James Shingles, I couldn’t think of anything else.

As I was washing my dishes one day I started cleaning my Skippy plate and realised that it was an heirloom of sorts.  I had gotten it as a child and my children had used it when little. I still use it to this day.  Having no idea where it had come from, I contact my mother to ask about it.  The answer I got back was even better than what I could have hoped for.

I was totally unaware that there were heirlooms from my great grandmother Lillian Muriel Snowdon nee Witt (Week 3).  She had brought a set of china to Australia with her from England in 1920.

China Set

The china, which includes scenes of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, was made by Lancaster & Sons sometime between 1906-1920 at the Dresden Works, Mount Pleasant, Tinkersclough in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

The set was passed down to her daughter Muriel Margaret (Week2) and when packing up Muriel’s things after she passed in 1997, a note was found with the china.

Nans note

Translation – ‘When I leave my loved ones I want this set to be left to “Chick” and to be passed on to Lindy, All my love, ”Moo”

So my mother “Chick”, decided to wrap up the china in another heirloom.  Muriel had knitted a baby blanket for me when I was a baby. So now I know of two heirlooms from two very special ladies who are gone but definitely not forgotten.

Plates and Shawl

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I have been researching my family history since 2009. I am interested it the family names Shingles, McEwan, Snowdon & Witt around Gippsland and Wodonga areas of Victoria, Australia

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